Intelligent Automation

One of the pillars of Dell EMC's design philosophy

To speak of Intelligent Automation, we must first say that reactive conduct is what prevents IT from being proactive. Based on our estimates, server management consumes 69% of an IT professional's day. In addition, these 70% of the day occur in a cluttered way, which prevents any real proactive effort to promote business.

Reduced Server Management Load

intelligent automation
Intelligent IT Automation

Dell EMC claims to significantly reduce the server management burden with its OpenManage Enterprise software, in conjunction with iDRAC or Dell EMC Remote

Access Controller (the Dell EMC motherboard management controller). The design of OpenManage Enterprise seems quite simple: it reduces human touch points with server provisioning, monitoring and maintenance.

Business versatility

From the perspective of a real scenario, the use of OpenManage Enterprise has a lot of repercussions. The documented functionality of the software addresses a large part of the mundane tasks that make up the day of the average IT professional. As a result, this should make it possible to increase levels of focus and versatility in support of business.

Po: Patrick Moorhead, Founder, President and Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy
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