Finding IT assets in seconds: is it real?

In movies, characters find objects and tools very quickly. Just do a magic for what they seek to appear in your hands in a few seconds. That's why we all covet these characters' powers.

Perhaps the most greedy are the IT professionals of the companies, since they need to spend a lot of time looking for information and settings in the environment that they manage.

This is to be able to analyze components, promote maintenance, make exchanges, etc. And in that search, they lose a valuable time, which could be invested in strategic activities in the IT department.

But just like in the movies, would it be possible for a professional to locate IT assets in a few seconds? Read on to find out:

The problems generated by the search for manual methods

Professionals may not even realize it, but the location of IT assets through manual, electronic spreadsheets or other obsolete methods, they are proven to generate many losses for the company. Notice with me why:

  • High consumption of time (minutes, hours or days, depending on the amount of assets), which prevents IT professionals from focusing on more relevant tasks;
  • Increased service time for so-called IT technicians;
  • Impact on the productivity of the team using the computers on which the IT assets sought after must have their performance analyzed;
  • It reduces the productivity of the team in general;
  • It generates financial losses for the business;

Many professionals also use manual methods to find software that needs to be updated, which also causes losses as the examples listed previously.

The losses can be greater for antivirus updates. The longer it takes professionals to find the antivirus that needs to be updated, the longer the computer will be exposed to new threats that the outdated version cannot detect.

This can give rise to a cyber attack, which can cause incalculable losses to the business.

After all, is it possible or not to locate assets in a few seconds?

Yea. A few years ago, fast location was a fiction. But today, it is already a reality. And fortunately, professionals do not need to resort to magic for this. 🙂

They just need to use a IT inventory system, which assists in managing all of a company's IT assets, including:

  • Hard drives;
  • RAM memories;
  • Processors;
  • Operational systems;
  • Softwares;
  • Among many others.

To locate hardware or software and analyze it, the professional only needs to look for it in a list. If hardware is having problems, the system will alert you, and it can quickly go to the computer on which it is installed and change it.

If a software needs to be updated, the system also issues an alert. In this case, the IT inventory system can update, without the professional having to go to the computer where it is installed.

With this system, not only does the location of IT assets become fast, but also the actions that must be taken after this process, such as performance analysis, preventive maintenance, updates, exchanges, etc.

In this way, the members of the IT team are able to perform these tasks effectively, reduce the service time for so-called IT technicians, do not impact the work of other employees and focus on other tasks that will generate more value for the business.

So, what did you think of the IT inventory system? Click here and see what inventories are available for your business!

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