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Cloud On-Ramp Acceleration and Protection

Per John Maddison, executive vice president of products and solutions at Fortinet

Accelerated and secure cloud entry is essential in today's digital economy. The new state-of-the-art firewalls FortiGate allow our customers to architect a security-oriented network and accelerate their access to the cloud.

Roadblocks on the road to adopting multiple clouds

Cloud Protection

Digital transformation has made today's corporate networks hybrid, complex and geographically dispersed.

Companies with legacy data center architectures are struggling to keep up with the continuing movement of business-critical applications, services and sensitive data across multiple clouds.

Difficulties in implementing end-to-end security have emerged as the main obstacle to preventing companies from accelerating their access to the cloud.

Threat protection performance

Accelerating access to the cloud requires a new and innovative approach. The Security Oriented network allows companies to architect networks that offer seamlessly integrated end-to-end security.

Solutions like Secure SD-WAN branch offices and secure, high-performance connectivity through data centers are applicable.

To support a security-controlled network, Fortinet is introducing new next-generation firewalls FortiGate.

The line solves the most common bottlenecks that companies face, such as:

Secure, high-speed connections to multiple clouds

Protection of data in motion at network speeds using VPNs high-performance encryption.
Offers access control, data confidentiality, privacy and breach prevention.

Perimeter protection and DDoS prevention

O FortiGate includes high-capacity data center firewall and DDoS prevention features to protect business-critical e-commerce services.

Full visibility of encrypted flows.

Best SSL inspection performance in the industry. Automatically detects and prevents attacks that are launched using encrypted streams.

Network segmentation:

Adapts to any segmentation technique and provides advanced Tier 7 security to contain threats, manage risk and achieve compliance.

Protects critical applications and servers:

Provides virtual patches using high-performance data center IPS to protect critical servers and workloads.
FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls offer customers additional flexibility

Great user and app experience

1G, 10G, 25G and 40G interfaces to meet various needs

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