After all, what is a firewall?

A firewall is a key component of network security, acting as protection against malicious traffic, data loss and unauthorized access.

It is highly recommended to have a firewall at the core of your network, as well as another for internal segmentation. Since, threats tend to infiltrate and spread. A protection platform can be hardware, software or a combination.

Look for solutions that offer consolidated security features. This decision will allow you more security of the network.

What are the main types of firewall?

Network firewalls are typically next-generation firewalls or corporate firewalls.

The security technologies of today's firewalls are: IPS, Web filtering, VPN, SSL inspection, identity management integration, bandwidth management and more.

Main challenges

While more devices are connected to networks than ever before, threats are constantly evolving.

A firewall must be able to keep up with the latest threats and, above all, maintain high performance. Even with all controls enabled, such as SSL inspection.

What should I consider to choose the solution?

For best performance, an appliance developed with specific security processors is highly recommended.

Consider that opting for equipment with specific processors will guarantee the delivery of the main security services to your environment.

To cover the entire attack surface of an organization, network, terminal, application, data center, cloud, access and email security solutions must work together as an integrated and collaborative security framework.

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