Hardware and Software Inventory

Reduce efforts to keep your IT infrastructure and machine inventory up to date

Computer Inventory Software

Reduce efforts to maintain your IT infrastructure and machine inventory

With at least 30 types of IT inventories, the inventory module is the starting point for analyzing your environment.
After collecting the IT inventory (hardware and software inventory, among others), you will have the relevant information that will assist you in making a decision.

Types of Inventories

  • Software inventory;
  • Hardware inventory;
  • Hard disk inventory;
  • RAM memory inventory;
  • Operating system inventory;
  • Service inventory;
  • Event inventories;
  • Inventory of programs started at logon;
  • Energy inventory;
  • Processor performance;

There are at least 30 possible inventories, and with the possibility of creating new types of inventories according to customer demand.

The tool works with the “ITA - Inventory, Treat and Act” methodology. Therefore, this is the beginning of the journey towards a safer, faster, more organized and less expensive company.

Inventory Software

IT Inventory Software

With at least 30 types of IT inventory, this module is the starting point for analysis. After collecting the hardware inventory, software inventory, among other IT inventories, you will have the relevant information that will assist you in making a decision.

IT Asset Management

Facilitate the management of IT assets and avoid even days to find the information you want. Find out where there is the highest concentration of IT assets, what security policies have not been met, whether it is necessary to invest in hardware or not, among others.

The most complete inventory software in the segment.

IT Asset Configuration

Configure your computers remotely in a centralized manner, increasing the productivity of your IT staff. 

Performs specific configurations, corrects non-conformities and prevents events that may cause loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Software Installation

If you do at least one "marathon" a day to install software. Rethink! 

Automatically install software across the entire infrastructure in just 10 minutes and improve your productivity.

Infrastructure Compliance

With at least 40 IT infrastructure compliance policies, you will have a multitude of possibilities to manage your IT infrastructure, equipment and systems. 

After configured, in a few minutes, you will identify everything that is compliant in your company. 

Your IT Management will never be the same, and neither will you.


90% more effective than an email. High acceptance and viewing rates, with the ease of customization when communicating with users. 

Far beyond inventory 

Arouse the user's interest with awareness announcements, information (compliance) and motivational actions, with “attractive” pop-ups on the windows itself. 

Schedule when, how and in what format the layout will be applied.

About Software Inventory

Hardware and Software Inventory

In companies, software is a specialist program that helps us to perform a task. Can software be licensed or not? Have a good performance or not? Present errors or compatibility problems or work well, which is what we all want.

It is a complicated universe, to the point that causes the opening of several technical calls for the IT area.

Also, do not perform the software inventory, in the days when thousands of viruses are created daily, in a world that is more expensive to buy products and, mainly, in an ecosystem so disputed where everyone wants their place in the sun, implies losing their competitiveness in the market.

We know how much this financially burdens the company. In this sense, a question that you can ask yourself is: “Do I really need to buy new licenses?”. 

We often find that companies end up buying without analyzing the current licensing landscape. 

A purchase made, for example, of the Autocad, can easily overcome R$ 20,000, which is a lot, especially if it is not being used correctly by all users. Buying with assertiveness is key.

All of this seems complex (read our article here with 8 tips for licensing control)? 

It is not easy to manage software, generally, but 100 per computer. But with Force1, we know exactly what to inventory, exactly how problems occur, and how to fix them quickly. 

Remember the “ITA” method, inventorying is the first step on the road to success. If the phrase "You must navigate" makes sense to you, to us, the phrase "You must inventory" makes perfect sense for us and in modern companies.

Control for Software Purchase and Licensing

Forti software control 1

About Hardware Inventory

Perform the hardware inventory it is as important as doing a "check-up" of your health. When we do medical examinations, we are worrying and even anticipating problems, aiming at a better quality of life. And why don't we do this "check-up" on the computers?

As well as the software inventory and inventory of the operating system, the hardware inventory is very much linked to performance, that is, the speed of the execution of the programs, but it is not limited to that. 

So, if you want faster computers, a faster team, it is essential that computers are also fast.

Hardware inventory is the first step in planning the purchase of new software, such as Autocad, Photoshop, etc., since they are software that does not “run” on any computer. 

In addition, it is also the starting point for planning to buy the hardware itself. It is common to see companies investing more than necessary unnecessarily. 

For example, why buy a better computer if it is only occupying 20% of the processor and 50% of the RAM? Think about it!

RPA - Robotic Process Automation


All of these processes are executed through a pre-configured Virtual Assistant that will intelligently learn other demands of your environment. So you can optimize your technical support team

Automate your Process with RPA


About the Operating System Inventory

Believe me, the operating system can reveal very important information for a company, both strategic information and operational information, and it also has a great influence on work processes. If we think that the computer today is a basic work tool, then, if it is slow, the whole company is slow, if it is insecure, the company is insecure and, if it is frequently unavailable, most of the services will probably be unavailable.

Based on this logic, it is essential to “know”. If you don't know, money, time, projects and even your organization's image can be compromised. The operating system is as important as the hardware, just as the heart and brain are, so with this information, you can anticipate problems like you never imagined.

We want to tell you 4 things!

  • Analyzing information will be the easiest thing in the world with our software
  • If you think it's complex, try it without compromise the solution. We are concerned with keeping a tool visually clean and simple. Complexity stays with us, and you with simplicity
  • Experience our way and our work philosophy. You will get results in the first days
  • Know that this is the beginning of the process, the system is more than that and it is easier than you think. If you feel that this is still not enough for your company, read the next few solution modules.
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