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Automatically install software across the enterprise in minutes and improve your productivity.

Automatically install software across the enterprise in minutes and improve your productivity

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Force1, IT asset management software, offers the possibility to carry out the automated installation of software, facilitating the actions of the teams involved with this work process, which can be traumatic in some companies if performed manually. Note that this process can directly interfere with productivity, financial and security, since the software is a foundation for the execution of activities in modern companies.

"Make your team's work easier with Force1"


It was not so long ago that one of the developers of Magma3, in his old company, walked at least 2 times a month to carry out the manual software installation of 1 antivirus software. After a while and with increasing installation demands, he did some math:

  • 2 software installations per month x 10 products x 400 computers x 30 minutes to install = 4000 hours to install
  • 1 software installation x 400 computers = 2 km traveled
  • 10 software installations x 2 km = 20 km traveled

Some considerations in this case: 

  1. He would not be able to meet the needs of the company, since an average employee works an average of 180 hours per month and the installation demands represented 4000 hours.
  2. If the antivirus software was not on all computers, serious problems could occur.
  3. If the company's specialist software were not installed, it would not be able to generate revenue;
  4. He could become a marathon runner if he continued like this.


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Like Force1, it is possible to carry out automated software installations in a few minutes and in a practical way. In addition, it is possible to segment the installation by types of operating systems, RAM memory, sections, etc. Another positive point is the possibility of scheduling deployments (daily, weekly and monthly).


IT Inventory Software

With at least 30 types of IT inventory, this module is the starting point for analysis. After collecting the hardware inventory, software inventory, among other IT inventories, you will have the relevant information that will assist you in making a decision.

Smart IT Asset Management

Facilitate the management of IT assets and avoid even days to find the information you want. Find out where there is the highest concentration of IT assets, what security policies have not been met, whether it is necessary to invest in hardware or not, among others. The most complete inventory software in the segment.

IT Asset Configuration

Configure your computers remotely in a centralized manner, increasing the productivity of your IT staff. Performs specific configurations, corrects non-conformities and prevents events that may cause loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Software Installation

If you do at least one "marathon" a day to install software. Rethink! Automatically install software across the entire infrastructure in just 10 minutes and improve your productivity.

Infrastructure Compliance

With at least 40 IT infrastructure compliance policies, you will have a multitude of possibilities to manage your IT infrastructure, equipment and systems. After configured, in a few minutes, you will identify everything that is compliant in your company. Your IT Management will never be the same, and neither will you.


90% more effective than an email. High acceptance and viewing rates, with the ease of customization when communicating with users. Far beyond inventory Awaken user interest with awareness, information (compliance) and motivational actions, with “attractive” pop-ups on windows. Schedule when, how and in what format the layout will be applied.

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