IT Asset Management

IT Compliance Module

A huge range of policies to manage your IT infrastructure.

40+ compliance policies for IT infrastructure

The "software" infrastructure management, and based on the IT inventory module, it offers an interesting analysis of compliance, which provides a standardization of the computing environment, which, as far as it is concerned, avoids waste and/or optimizes financial, computational, human resources , etc.

The IT infrastructure compliance module is composed of several policies that are closely linked to the needs of virtually all companies that use technology. When you access this module, you will notice that there are at least 40 policies and that, from their configuration, they will show everything that is in ?compliance? or in "nonconformity" in your computing environment.

Find out in a few minutes what's in or out of compliance

Benefits of the IT Compliance Module:

  • Based on customer, market and personal experiences and methodologies such as ISO 27001, we selected points of analysis that a modern and attentive company should have in order to avoid losses or optimize resources.
  • After configuration, the system clearly shows the points that need to be corrected. In the IT world, an event not corrected in time can lead to situations catastrophic events, such as loss/theft of information, unnecessary expenses, unavailability of services, incorrect work processes, slow services, legal problems, problems related to the organization's image, etc.
  • It saves you from looking at multiple points before reaching a conclusion about the compliance of your environment. For example, you don't need to analyze if the hard disk space is running out, if the processor is slow, if there is a process being started by a virus, if software is being used incorrectly, among others. The Force1 solution already does this for you, and yet, in just one screen, you can know about everything that is compliant.
  • The phrase ?Union is strength? makes a lot of sense in this module. On a day-to-day basis, new demands from other customers may also make sense to you, so we understand that the more policies, the better, which guarantees a more consistent and standardized environment.
  • You have several rules of your business documented, as some policies depend on the specifics of your company and, from that, the system analyzes and makes the necessary analysis.
  • Another important phrase for us is ?Act on the exception?. Once configured, just worry about exceptions or 'nonconformities', and then take action. Remember the ITA, ?Inventory, Treat and Act?.
  • For companies that like to use quality certifications, we understand that Force1 can help in maintaining or achieving a quality certification, since several policies are related to quality processes.
  • Lower your stress level. It is common to see some managers with immense difficulties due to the responsibility they have. Some people don't realize or don't know all the ways to get a little out of the way and be a little more strategic. We believe that a balanced environment is what manages to keep operational tasks at a point that also allows management tasks to be studied and implemented. If you suffer from ?not having time?, let us help you.


IT Inventory Software

With at least 30 IT inventory categories, this module is the starting point for analysis. After collecting the physical equipment inventory, software inventory, among other IT inventories, you will have relevant information that will help you in decision making.

Intelligent IT Asset Management

Make IT asset management easier and save even days to find the information you want. Find out where there is the greatest concentration of IT assets, which security policies have not been met, whether or not it is necessary to invest in physical equipment, among others.

The most complete Inventory Software in the segment.

IT Asset Configuration

Configure your computers remotely in a centralized manner, increasing the productivity of your IT staff. 

It performs specific configurations, corrects nonconformities and prevents events that could cause loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Software Installation

If you do at least one ?marathon? per day to install software. Rethink! 

Automatically install software across the entire infrastructure in just 10 minutes and improve your productivity.

Infrastructure Compliance

With at least 40 IT infrastructure compliance policies, you'll have a multitude of possibilities to manage your IT infrastructure, equipment and systems. 

Once configured, in a few minutes, you will identify everything that is compliant in your company. 

Your IT Management will never be the same, and neither will you.


90% more effective than an email. High acceptance and viewing rates, with the ease of customization when communicating with users. 

far beyond inventory 

Arouse the user's interest with awareness communications, information (compliance) and motivational actions, with ?attractive? on windows itself. 

Schedule when, how and in what format the layout will be applied.

Make your team's work easier with an automated tool. 

Immediate return on investment guarantee for your business. 

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