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Install software automatically throughout your company in a few minutes and improve your productivity.

Automatically install software enterprise-wide in minutes and increase productivity

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Our IT asset management software is a modern and efficient solution for managing and controlling your company's technological resources. It offers the possibility of automated software installation, which means that the installation and updating processes can be done automatically, reducing costs and avoiding errors.

This facilitates the actions of the teams involved in this work process, because manual installation can be difficult and time-consuming, as well as being a difficult and traumatic task for some companies.

The automation of this process through our software guarantees more precise and faster results, which makes the work much more effective.

The process can affect productivity, finances, and security, as software is important for today's organizations. "Make your team's job easier with Force1″


"Make your team's job easier"


    Not long ago, one of our developers was making at least two visits a month to his former company to perform a manual installation of antivirus software. As the installation requirements grew, he began to do the math and realized that he was spending too much time and resources on the task. 

    So he decided to find a better, more efficient, and faster solution to install the software. He concluded that it would be ideal to automate the installation process so that he would not have to visit the company and fix the systems manually. So he started to develop a solution to automate the installation of the antivirus software.

  • 2 software installations per month x 10 products x 400 computers x 30 minutes to install = 4000 hours to install
  • 1 software installation x 400 computers = 2 km walked
  • 10 software installations x 2 km = 20 km walked

Some considerations in this case: 

  1. He could not meet the company's needs, since an average employee works 180 hours a month and the installation demands represented 4000 hours.
  2. If antivirus software was not on every computer, serious problems could occur.
  3. If the company's specialist software was not installed, the company would not be able to generate revenue;
  4. He could become a marathon runner if he keeps this up.


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Perform automated software installations in minutes and conveniently. In addition, you can segment the installation by operating system types, RAM memory, sections, etc. Another advantage is the possibility to schedule deployments (daily, weekly and monthly).


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