Inventory Software

Reduce the effort to keep your IT infrastructure and machine inventory up to date with the Hardware and Software Inventory solution

Computer Inventory Software

Reduce the burden of maintaining IT infrastructure and machine inventory

With at least 30 types of IT asset inventories, the Inventory module is the starting point for analyzing your environment.
Once the IT inventory (including hardware and software inventories) is complete, you have the information you need to make decisions.

Types of Asset Inventories

  • Software inventory;
  • Hardware inventory;
  • Hard disk inventory;
  • RAM memory inventory;
  • Operating system inventory;
  • Service inventory;
  • Event inventories;
  • Inventory of programs started at logon;
  • Energy inventory;
  • Processor performance;

There are at least 30 possible inventories, with the possibility of creating new types of inventories according to the customer's needs.

The tool works with the methodology of inventorying assets, handling information, and taking action. So this is the beginning of the journey to a safer, faster, more organized and cost-effective business.

Inventory Software

IT Inventory Software

With a minimum of 30 IT asset types, this module is the starting point for analysis. After gathering hardware inventory, software inventory and other IT assets, you will have relevant information to help you make decisions.

Software Asset Installation

If you run at least one software installation marathon a day. Rethink! 

Automatically deploy software across your infrastructure in as little as 10 minutes to improve productivity.

IT Infrastructure Compliance

With at least 40 IT infrastructure compliance policies, you have endless options for managing your IT infrastructure, devices, and systems.

Once set up, you can identify everything that is compliant in your organization in minutes.

Your IT management will never be the same, and neither will you.


90% more effective than email. High adoption and view rates with easy customization of communications to users.

Way beyond inventory 

Engage users with educational, informational, and motivational pop-ups within Windows itself.

Plan when, how, and in what format the layout will be applied.

IT Asset Management

Simplify IT asset management and save days of searching for the information you need. Find out where the largest concentrations of IT assets are, which security policies have been violated, and whether or not hardware investments are needed.

The most complete and comprehensive inventory software in the industry.

IT Asset Configuration

Centrally configure remote computers and increase IT staff productivity.

It performs specific configurations, corrects nonconformances, and prevents events that can lead to loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

About Software Inventory

Hardware and Software Inventory

In business, software is a specialized program that helps us perform a task. Can software be licensed or not? Does it work well or not? Does it have bugs or compatibility issues or does it work well, which is what we all want.

It is a complicated universe, to the point of being the subject of several IT tech calls.

Moreover, in a world where thousands of viruses are created every day, where products are becoming more expensive, and especially in such a crowded ecosystem where everyone wants their day in the sun, not having a software inventory means losing your competitive edge in the marketplace.

We know how much of a financial burden this can be. With that in mind, you may be asking yourself: Do I really need to buy new licenses?

Often, companies end up buying without analyzing the current licensing scenario.

A purchase of Autocad, for example, can easily exceed R$ 20,000, which is a lot, especially if it is not well used by all users. Buying with assertiveness is fundamental.

All this may seem complex (read our article with 8 tips for licensing control)? 

Control software purchasing and licensing

Forti 1 software control

About Hardware Inventory

Performing a hardware inventory is just as important as an integrity check. When we perform medical exams, we worry about problems and even anticipate them for a better quality of life. So why don't we do the same with our computers?

Like the software and operating system inventories, the hardware inventory is closely related to, but not limited to, performance.

So if you want a faster team, it is important that the computers are also fast.

Hardware inventory is the first step in planning the purchase of new software such as Autocad, Photoshop, etc. that will run on each computer.

It is also the starting point for planning the hardware purchase itself. It is often the case that companies unnecessarily invest more than they need to.

For example, why buy a computer that only uses 20% of the processor and 50% of the RAM? Think about it!

RPA - Robotic Process Automation


All of this is done by a pre-configured virtual assistant that intelligently learns about other needs in your environment. See how you can simplify your technical support

Automate your process with RPA

RPA for IT

About Operating System Inventory

Believe me, the operating system can reveal very important information to a company, both strategic information and operational information, as well as have a great impact on work processes. If we think of the computer today as a fundamental work tool, if it is slow, the whole company is slow, if it is insecure, the company is insecure, and if it is frequently unavailable, most services are likely to be unavailable.

Based on this logic, it is important to know. If you don't, money, time, projects, and even your organization's image could be at risk. The operating system is as important as the hardware, the heart and the brain, and with this information you can anticipate problems in ways you never imagined.

Manage your IT Assets

  • Our asset software makes analyzing information easy.
  • If you find it complicated, try the solution for free. A visually clean and simple tool.
  • Get to know our course and work philosophy and see the results in the first few days.
  • Know that this is the beginning of the process, the system is more than that and it is easier than you think. If you think this is still not enough for your business, read the next modules of the solution.