IT Asset Management

Make IT asset management easier and save time finding the desired information.

Managing IT Assets

Find out where there is the highest concentration of IT assets, which security policies have not been met, whether or not it is necessary to invest in hardware, among others.

About the Software

In our IT asset control software, the Intelligent Management module is a solution that aims to offer users a comprehensive and detailed view of the IT assets present in their infrastructure. This solution is composed of several modules, which together allow a complete and integrated management of IT assets.

The IT inventory module is responsible for collecting information about hardware, software, power, and other resources present in the IT infrastructure. Through this module, users can obtain accurate and up-to-date information about IT assets, including details about the hardware installed on each device, software versions, license status, and other relevant information.

The IT infrastructure compliance analysis module, on the other hand, aims to help users ensure that their IT infrastructure complies with established standards and policies, thus avoiding potential security risks and compliance issues. This module enables users to assess their IT infrastructure against a wide range of standards and policies, including security standards, regulatory compliance, and internal company policies.

With information collected via the IT inventory module and compliance analysis performed by the IT infrastructure compliance analysis module, the amount of data coming into the software database is extremely large, running into millions and millions of records. This data is then stored and processed in a secure and scalable environment, allowing users to get accurate and up-to-date information about their IT assets at any time.

IT Inventory Module

Through the IT inventory module in our IT asset tracking software, data is collected on various aspects of the IT assets present in the infrastructure, including information about hardware, software, and power, among others. This data is organized into structured records and stored in our database.

In addition, through the IT infrastructure compliance analysis module, the data collected in the inventory module is analyzed against established standards and policies, generating information about the compliance of the IT infrastructure. This process generates a large amount of additional data that is also stored in our database.

Consequently, the amount of data that comes into our database from these modules is significant, amounting to millions and millions of records. This data is processed using distributed processing and storage technologies, ensuring the scalability and security required to handle large volumes of data. This enables our users to have access to accurate, up-to-date information about their IT assets at any time.

Managing IT Assets

How IT Asset Management is done

The asset management module in our IT asset control software enables users to aggregate all relevant information about their IT assets in one place. This functionality is critical for users to have a comprehensive and detailed view of their IT infrastructure.

With this consolidated view, users can gain insight into the IT environment more efficiently and take quick and accurate action if needed. For example, users can easily identify non-conformities in their company or in a particular industry, making it easier to implement corrective measures.

In addition, the asset management module enables users to perform complex tasks with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for repetitive and time-consuming manual work. This provides a significant increase in work productivity and efficiency, making IT asset management much more effective and agile.

Solution Features

  • Identification of computers by sector and amount of RAM:
    • Requirement: Identify all computers in the finance department that have 256 MB RAM in order to make a new hardware purchase.
    • Functionality: The IT asset control software must allow searching computers by sector and hardware configuration, in order to generate a report with the list of identified equipment.
  • Identification of non-compliant computers:
    • Requirement: Identify all non-compliant computers so that operational staff can take action.
    • Functionality: The IT asset control software must allow the analysis of the computers' compliance based on established standards and policies, and generate a report with the list of identified non-compliant equipment.
  • Identification of installed software:
    • Requirement: Identify the amount of "Autocad", "Photoshop", and "Office" software installed on each computer.
    • Functionality: The IT asset control software must allow the search for software installed on each equipment and generate a report with the number of installations of the specified software.
  • Identification of computers by sector:
    • Requirement: Identify the number of computers in each sector of the company.
    • Functionality: The IT asset control software must allow you to search for computers by sector and generate a report with the amount of equipment in each sector.
  • Identifying processor make and model:
    • Requirement: Identify the make and model of the processors in all the computers in the company.
    • Functionality: The IT asset control software must allow the search for information about the processor of each equipment and generate a report with the brand and model of all identified processors.

Dashboard for Control

The interesting thing is that when you click on a "dashboard" or "board", all the other boards shape the search. For example, you want to know how many computers you have in Human Resources, you will also know if these computers are compliant, how much RAM they have, and how much software is installed.

When we talk about "insights", we talk about that, we talk about perceiving the environment as a whole. This is how we treat millions and millions of pieces of information.

If you have not yet read about the "IT inventory," and "IT Infrastructure Compliance", we strongly recommend reading for a better understanding.

If you have read it, we already have the "IT", that is, we are already "inventorying" and "processing" the information received. 

Test the solution and see for yourself

IT Inventory Software

With a wide range of 30 IT inventory types, this module is the essential starting point for analysis and management. By collecting detailed inventory information on hardware, software, and other IT elements, you will have access to relevant data that will be critical to supporting your business decisions and strategic planning.

IT Asset Configuration

With the ability to remotely and centrally configure your computers, your IT staff can significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

In addition, performing specific configurations, correcting non-conformities, and preventing events that can affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data are other advantages provided by this module.

With these features, you can ensure that your IT environment always complies with best practices and security standards.

IT Asset Management

With this IT asset management module, you can simplify the task of asset management, saving time and avoiding days of searching for relevant information. With quick access to information about IT asset concentration, security policy compliance status, hardware investment needs, and other factors, you can make more informed and strategic decisions. This software offers the industry's most comprehensive inventory, ensuring that your company has access to all the information it needs to manage its IT assets efficiently and effectively.

Software Installation

If you run at least one software installation marathon a day. Rethink! 

Automatically deploy software across your infrastructure in as little as 10 minutes to improve productivity.

Infrastructure Compliance

With at least 40 IT infrastructure compliance policies, you will have a multitude of possibilities to manage your IT infrastructure, equipment, and systems. 

Once set up, in just a few minutes you will identify everything that is compliant in your company. 

Your IT Management will never be the same, and neither will you.


90% more effective than email. High acceptance and view rates, with the ease of customization when communicating with users. 

Way beyond inventory 

Awaken the user's interest with awareness communications, information (compliance), and motivational actions, with "attractive" pop-ups in the windows itself. 

Schedule when, how, and in which format the layout will be applied.