9 tips for meeting with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams lets you host and participate in more productive meetings and invite anyone on the planet to join you. This makes Teams a perfect solution, where you can communicate and meet with anyone in your organization or outside, even if you are not a Teams user. This blog offers nine tips for having more productive meetings with participants in your organization and outside.

As you we bring Skype for Business capabilities to Microsoft Teams , we recently launched several new features that are quickly enabling you to host and participate in more productive meetings and invite anyone on the planet to join you. 

  • With audio conference, anonymous admission and support for meetings and calls on the Edge and Chrome , Teams has more options for participants who are not in your organization to attend Teams meetings. 
  • With virtual lobbying, silencing everyone or a participant, sharing applications and solving interactive problems , Teams meeting participants have better control of their meeting experience.  
  • Finally, we don’t forget administrators or help desk professionals - with Call Analytics for Teams , we also allow them to monitor the quality of calls and meetings and obtain detailed analysis of users' meeting and call experiences. 

This makes teams a perfect solution where you can communicate and meet with anyone inside or outside your organization - even if that person is not a Teams user. With these improvements, here are nine tips for having more productive meetings with participants inside and outside your organization:

1 - Attend a meeting via audio conference

What if you're on the road and don't have access to the Internet? Audio conference (formally PSTN Conference) at team meetings is now available. Users enabled for audio conferencing enabled will automatically see the dialing instructions added to Teams meetings. Dialing numbers are supported in more than 90 countries, more than 400 cities and 44 interactive voice response (IVR) languages. External dialing to add a participant using his or her phone number is also supported. The Audio Conferencing service in Office 365 can be enabled for any Office 365 user and adds a low-cost audio conference to Teams meetings so you can connect and collaborate with individuals on the phone as part of your meeting experiences .

image Teams meeting information panel
Microsoft Teams meeting information panel

2 - Invite anyone by email

Do you need to meet someone outside your organization? Don't worry, with the Anonymous Join , you can schedule a Teams meeting with anyone with a valid email address, even if they are not part of your organization. You can invite any valid email address to a meeting during Teams or Outlook schedule and they will receive the meeting invitation in your email with information on how to join the meeting. The meeting invitee can click on the link, enter the name and join the meeting. Your guest will be able to join the web without having to install a client or, if they want additional functionality, like the ability to start sharing their screen, they can also install the desktop client and join anonymously.

thumbnail of image 2 with the caption Teams meeting in an anonymous meeting
Anonymous meeting teams join

3 - Admit Lobby participants

Do you need a few seconds to prepare everything? By default, all participants who are not from your organization will arrive at one virtual lobby, after which they will have to be admitted to join the royal meeting. This is done to increase the privacy of your meetings - but it also gives you time to make sure you are ready for an important customer meeting. In the future, an administrator will have the option to update the settings to allow anonymous users to enter directly without having to enter the lobby.

thumbnail of image 3 with the caption Teams meeting support lobby
Microsoft Teams meeting lobby support

4 - Silence noisy participants

Tired of hearing a dog barking? In large meetings (> 5 people), anyone who enters after the start of the meeting will enter without sound, thus reducing noise in the meeting. In addition, if you notice any noise from other people, you can silence that person or everyone , easily from the list. If someone has been silenced, you will receive a notification informing them. They can activate the sound if they need to be heard. If you need silence everyone other participants in a meeting, go to your meeting list and select 'Mute all'. Everyone will receive a notification and can reactivate the sound if necessary. 

thumbnail image 4 team meetings subtitled without sound
Silence at Microsoft Teams meetings

5 - Join a meeting or start a phone call without a plug-in

Who has time for downloads ?! Now you can enjoy an experience without a plug-in in a web browser where a meeting or call just works! You can just go to teams.microsoft.com at the Edge or Chrome and join a Teams meeting or Edge to initiate a 1: 1 call . You can now join a meeting or call even when you don’t have access to the Teams app through your desktop or mobile device.

Microsoft Teams meetings on Edge and Chrome

With this recent launch, you can now join an Edge meeting with audio, video and input screen sharing. If you're signing in via Chrome, you can join a meeting with audio and sign-in screen sharing - signing in with video via Chrome will be available soon.

thumbnail image 5 team meeting with caption on the Edge
Microsoft Teams meeting on the Edge

Microsoft Teams calling on the Edge

With this recent launch, you can now initiate 1: 1 calls from the Edge, including video, audio and making and receiving calls ( phone calls in Teams require the user to have an Office 365 calling plan ). 1: 1 calls on Chrome will be available soon. Support for other browsers is planned for future versions. 

thumbnail image 6 video call Microsoft Teams subtitled on Edge
Microsoft Teams video call on Edge

6 - Share only the essentials

Don't want everyone to read your email when you share your desktop? Like application sharing , you can choose to share a specific window instead of your entire screen. Rest assured that your desktop screen or notifications are not shared when sharing your content in the meeting.

thumbnail image 7 with caption Microsoft Teams bringing together desktop and application sharing
Microsoft Teams bringing together desktop and application sharing

7 - Let others occupy the driver's seat

What happens when you see something that someone else doesn't see? Like Application sharing , if someone is sharing your desktop, you can request control her or make the sharer provide control your desktop.

Microsoft Teams - Team meetings with captions give and take control
Team meetings at Microsoft Teams give and take control

8 - Get help with interactive troubleshooting

Have you ever forgotten to mute the sound before making a big argument at the meeting? With I Nteractive Troubleshooting , Teams will alert you if it detects that you are trying to speak, but you are still muted. This is the first scenario in many scenarios where teams can proactively detect and advise participants on common problems that can affect their productivity during a meeting.

thumbnail image 9 subtitled Microsoft Teams interactive troubleshooting
Interactive team troubleshooting

9 – View call analytics for teams in Microsoft Teams

If you need to troubleshoot a user's meeting as an administrator , O Call Analytics provides you and helpdesk professionals with the ability to search a Teams call history for a specific user's calls and meetings to help troubleshoot these experiences.

If a user is using Teams and Skype for Business Online, we make sure that the tools you take advantage of for Skype for Business also work in Teams. With the visualization of Call Analytics, all calls from your users are in one place and we make it easier to identify which customer was used. For each call, detailed metrics are provided that can help identify problems that affect the audio quality of the call or meeting. For more information on Call Analytics, see: Configure Skype for Business Call Analytics , Use Call Analytics to troubleshoot poor Skype for Business call quality and What is the difference between Call Analytics and Call Quality Dashboard?

# 10 Bonus - Try the “Teams”Or watch a demo

If you don't have Teams yet, we encourage you to try it today: https://teams.microsoft.com/start . We also had a live demonstration of the meetings during the February 1 episode, Teams On Air . Guest Ruchir Astavans discussed and demonstrated the latest updates for rteam meetingsif call analysis.

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