How to activate and register Fortigate

Activate and Register the Fortigate: If you entered this text, it is very likely that you have your appliance in hand and you need to know how to activate and register your Fortinet firewall licenses.

However, more than just registering it, it is necessary to know how to make sure that you are performing the procedure correctly, and of course, getting your hands dirty.

In this post, we will help you understand the main steps you need to activate your Fortigate Firewall.

So, come on!

Step by step to activate the FortiGate

You must first be in possession of the e-mail containing licensing information. This email contains a pdf and must be sent by your Fortinet Partner.

FortiGate Registration Email img1
FortiGate Firewall Licensing Email

To start activating the FortiGate, first access the console Firewall. It will open on your home screen (the Dashboard). On this screen you will immediately see the status and activation information for your firewall, as shown in the image below:

FortiGate img2 Dashboard Screen
FortiGate Dashboard

Still on this screen, click under the licenses and observe a pop-up with the option “Enter registration code”, that is, enter the activation code, and click again.

Open the file contained in the email sent by your Fortinet reseller, and then copy the line information “Contract Registration Code”, as illustrated in the image below:

email registration FortiGate img3
FortiGate Licensing Email Attachment

Return in the management interface of your FortiGate and fill in the field requested and press “OK”, as illustration Next:

FortiGate img4 Dashboard Screen
FortiGate Dashboard - Registration and Activation Screen

Join on the Fortinet registration and support portal. If you don't know the address, click on here to be redirected to the site.

Register Fortigate on the Fortinet Support Portal (FortiCloud)

Register Fortigate on the Fortinet Portal (FortiCloud)

Open your Dashboard again. FortiGate and copy the serial number of the equipment. In the image below I put the highlighted field to help:

image 1
FortiGate Firewall Dashboard

With login made on the Fortinet support portal, as shown in the previous image, inside the HOME page, click on Register / Renew as follows:

FortiGate installation step08
Register / Renew FortiGate Firewall

In the screen that follows, you must fill in the serial number of your FortiGate Firewall. This number was copied, as shown in the previous screen, and must be pasted as shown in the figure below:

image 2
FortiGate Firewall Support Registration Screen

Select the checkbox for the FortiGate equipment just inserted in the previous step, according to the highlight in the image below, and click "Next".

image 3
Fortigate selection screen on the Fortinet registration and support page

You will proceed to an “Agreement” page, where you must read and accept the terms of the Manufacturer Fortinet, then proceed to the final stage. Once this is done, click “Next” again.

image 4

Ready! The procedure for registering the FortiGate Firewall is complete. Note that this may take a few minutes to reflect on the firewall.

Important tip for success when activating or registering your FortiGate:

Although the information is filled in on the portal and on your appliance, FortiGate needs to have access to the internet to synchronize the licenses and the necessary updates.


Per: Rodrigo Torres - Forti One IT

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