6 reasons to choose SD ‑ WAN Fortinet

The 6 reasons why Secure SD ‑ WAN Fortinet is the Right Choice:

According to Gartner there is a forecast that “25% of companies will adopt SD ‑ WAN over the next two years” .1 However, what is gained from SD ‑ WAN's performance and convenience over traditional WAN comes in large part from the the costs of centralized security provided by backhauling network traffic, through the data center, where everything can be verified and filtered in one place.

Fortinet Secure SD ‑ WAN for Distributed Network Architectures

So, when thinking about it, it is extremely important to select the right SD ‑ WAN solution. Without a doubt, Secure SD ‑ WAN from Fortinet offers all the essential capabilities needed to maintain secure operations across multiple branches and remote locations. For this reason, the following are six reasons why Fortinet's Secure SD ‑ WAN is best suited for businesses:

Fortinet SD ‑ WAN networks

The adoption of cloud applications is primarily responsible for the need for superior network capabilities. The router or firewall responsible for SD ‑ WAN connectivity needs to intelligently balance internet and intranet traffic across all available WAN services. In order to support our customers, we have listed below the main reasons why Fortinet's Secure SD ‑ WAN is the right choice:

  • Dynamic database of cloud applications which routes applications on the same ports and bandwidth, as it needs to accommodate SaaS applications where IP addresses are constantly changing.
  • THE path-based intelligence FortiOS allows dynamic routing based on measurements of link quality, to maintain the high availability of business-critical applications and full application visibility.
  • O neutral channel supply allows a wide variety of cost-effective connectivity options, so you can mix and match multiple broadband connections (internet, MPLS, LTE, etc.) for direct use of public internet connections.
Reduce Complexity with Fortigate
6 reasons to choose SD ‑ WAN Fortinet 2

Security with Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) offers the best integrated network and SD ‑ WAN security capabilities in a single device. Likewise, it offers a multifunctional solution with resources ready for SD ‑ WAN, for efficient adoption of public cloud applications. The following are some of its main features:

  • Offers combined features of protection with NGFW and SD ‑ WAN network on a single device.
  • It has security processors designed for this purpose, allowing a better performance for the SSL inspection to unlock the encrypted sessions, analyze the encrypted packets, detect threats and block them.
  • It has a first line of defense for web filtering against web-based attacks blocking access to malicious, hacked or inappropriate websites, in fact it is the only VBWeb2 certified web filtering service in the industry.
  • IPsec VPN and threat protection performance with security processor for secure communications.
  • Follow the real-time activities to facilitate risk analysis, detect and mitigate possible problems, and automate audits of compliance with firewall rules and policies.

Centralized Console Management

While the SD ‑ WAN is capable of extending the full range of security features with each new network connection, it must be fully managed from a central location. See how Secure SD ‑ WAN Fortinet enables this:

  • Through a single control panel, Fortinet's Secure SD ‑ WAN offers transparent visibility across the network, unified policy management and virtual private network (VPN) control centrally at all branches and remote locations.

Contactless Implementation

Provisioning devices and branch deployments, done automatically (without the need to send qualified network engineers to all locations), as a result saves a lot of time compared to the processes involved in adding branch offices to traditional WAN environments. See how Fortinet's Secure SD ‑ WAN simplifies this whole process:

  • In summary, FortiOS dynamically creates the entire physical and logical network topology when FortiGate is launched.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Less costly connectivity, simplified deployment and centralized management, through a single solution for network and security operations, as they provide a 50% total cost of ownership better than architectures with separate network and security devices .

Detection and Remediation

Cybersecurity goes beyond prevention, as it is impossible to prevent all attacks. She does the detection and the remediation. It is essential to have a security solution such as Fortinet's Secure SD ‑ WAN, which provides high performance and efficiency with great cost-effectiveness. (O FortiGate was indicated by his great performance and safety in the NSS Labs 2017.3 Next-Generation Firewall test results)

Get started today

The time has come to switch to SD ‑ WAN. Organizations that do not make this change put themselves at a competitive disadvantage. The benefits are tangible and possible to achieve with the choice of the appropriate technology. And Fortinet's Secure SD ‑ WAN offers the best in network capacity and security and a
only solution.

Gartner, Market Guide for WAN Edge Infrastructure, Andrew Lerner, Neil Rickard, March 2017.

Martijn Grooten and Adrian Luca, “VBWeb comparative review February 2016”, Virus Bulletin, February 2016.

“Independent Validation of Fortinet Solutions: NSS Labs Real-World Group Tests”, NSS Labs, November 2017

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