How to inventory IT assets?

Doing the Inventory of assets manually?

We know how painful and necessary it is in the lives of IT administrators, to maintain and control the operations of their park, as well as to control costs and optimize investments in times of scarcity of resources.

How to make the mission more peaceful? What should we know when taking inventory of the company's asset data? And finally, how to inventory IT assets? It is on this topic that we will discuss below. 

Despite giving a little work, the activity promises to give more organization to the production.

How about starting with a spreadsheet? Download herei 🙂

It is essential that you start using a simple spreadsheet for notes. In manual inventory, the manager needs to make reports. After all, there is no program capable of making this function automatic.

Be careful when working with reports and spreadsheets. The investigation of the elements of the computer needs to be done and checked a second time, the idea is to avoid incorrect information.

Register the hardware

Asset inventory

The hardware gives a more concrete notion about the components of a machine. When taking inventory, many hardware elements are counted in units for a complete record of products.

Okay, but what are these elements that make up the hardware? We are mainly talking about external devices. However, here also comes the most important processing unit of any machine: the motherboard.

It is essential to write down the brand name of all the products that you register. In this way, identification becomes much simpler.

The software, on the other hand, is less tangible than the hardware elements, which were mentioned earlier. What changes is the nature of the parts in the case of the software.

In that case, you need to enter the computer and look for the following details: the operating system that is installed on the machine and the paid licenses that integrate the computer.

The operating system, as you may know, is the program that commands the use of the device. Licenses can be from manufacturers such as Microsoft Office or Adobe.

Register users

Different companies have different computer usage routines. In some, the number of machines is less. In others, each employee has a computer. Even with this high number, the tendency is that more than one team member uses the same product.

To do the inventory, your mission is to identify all of these users who are currently registered on the machine. You should still associate these accounts with your team's effective employees, making the spreadsheet organized.

Individual or collective registration?

Many people wonder whether manual computer inventory registration in companies should be individual for each machine. After all, is it possible to do the whole process collectively? In reality, it will depend on the resources that are available.

It is one thing to manually register and count each element individually, for each computer. Another process, completely different, consists of assembling a manual spreadsheet, with automatic registration.

Do you have an integrated management system? If the answer is positive, just focus on recording on the spreadsheet. In case of a negative answer, you must do the entire survey manually!

How to make the inventory of IT assets automatically?

Automation, with a good management system, used to make the company's inventory is a smart alternative. Follow an incredible program that can be of great help in those moments.

Free IT Inventory Worksheet

Use the Force1

Doing the process completely automatically has several benefits. Force1 is an IT management system that arrives on the market to end the complications of manual inventory. Follow some of the advantages.

First, you ensure that no elements are overlooked. With Force1, the risk of errors is almost non-existent. There is the possibility to make more than 30 different inventories, according to your monitoring needs.

In the manual process, the results are impaired, as there is a higher cost of time. In addition, the audit is not in real time and there are no returns according to the investment made.

But is it really worthwhile to hire the system? If you are still not convinced, note the following benefits!

Security improvements

With the automatic management system, you win safely. The technology used in Force1 prevents any attempt to steal equipment and also blocks attempts to install unauthorized software.

You will be safer, too, due to the antivirus software, which is already installed in the operating system!

Process audit

Taking the manual inventory from machine to machine and auditing the entire process later, takes work and commits your time. With Force1, you don't have to worry. As we mentioned, the audit is carried out in real time!

The process becomes quick and practical. Finally, it is worth noting that the monitoring of your data, software and hardware is constant. The system monitors the data non-stop!

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