Advantages of doing IT Asset Management with an inventory system

Advantages of doing IT asset management

What is the impact of a change on your IT environment? How many computers are unsecured at this time? How many copies of a particular piece of software are installed? How many licenses are still available? These are some of the questions that many IT managers can ask, but unanswered, when they realize they don't have IT asset management.

Although there are many companies that do all their IT asset management in Excel spreadsheets, this type of control is not efficient. In general, this type of management can end up being more of a hindrance than helping, depending on how much data is up to date. For this reason, in order to carry out a good management of IT assets, the ideal is to have a great IT inventory solution, which acts in an automated way with updated and realistic data of the assets. See, in today's article, what are the advantages of managing IT assets using an inventory system. So, come on?

The challenge of knowing your IT assets

IT assets are all the resources that contribute to an IT service. They can be technological ('software' and hardware) and non-technological (people, environment and processes).

When an automated solution is not used, although possible, the management of the IT assets it is a great challenge for organizations. To better understand the implications of manual control, the first step is to understand what IT assets are and what problems can happen when we have inefficient asset management.
IT assets are all the resources that contribute to an IT service. They can be technological ('software'and hardware) and non-technological (people, environment and processes).

The management of IT assets with a focus on technological assets, ensures that, throughout their life cycle, software and hardware are monitored and followed. Thus, allowing for an adequate planning of your acquisitions, traceability, optimization of use, greater availability and even an appropriate disposal at the right time.

Therefore, improper management of these assets can result in waste resulting from inappropriate investments and even expose the company to serious risks, as in the case of the misuse of software licenses, in disagreement with the licensed quantities.

Automating the Management Process

By automating the IT asset inventory process, your management makes significant gains. Check out some of these advantages below:

Fewer technical problems: equipment mapping allows the company to know which equipment is in use, where and for how long. Thus, it is possible to know the appropriate time for its replacement, thus avoiding technical problems resulting from wear and tear.

Usage control: by knowing what software is being used on which equipment it is possible to avoid usage situations that are not in accordance with the license rules. In the same way, the inventory makes it possible to understand how the hardware is used, adjusting the usage policies to avoid early degradation due to improper use.

Increased service life: inventoried assets are easier to maintain, thus, every care is taken, as recommended by the respective manufacturers.

Better Solutions: knowing the reality of its assets through a complete and updated inventory allows the company to determine the best solutions for each type of problem involving these assets. This allows, for example, better planning of a software update or integration with a new type of hardware, such as a new printer model, for example.

Does your company already have its inventory complete and updated? Value your IT investments and start counting on a inventory system that allows for optimal management of your IT assets. Check out how Forti One can assist you with our solution.

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