3 Infallible Tips - Increase team productivity

IT Team Productivity: 3 surefire tips to get productivity in your IT team.

It is essential for each member of the team to feel part of a group that achieves good results.

Check out today's article on how to increase team productivity with three great tips. Come on?

1- Eliminate behaviors that compromise the team's productivity

A poll conducted by Harris Poll for CareerBuilder pointed out the main behaviors that compromise the team's productivity.

The highlight of the study was the cell: phone calls and messages are the great enemies of the teams and their good performance.

Following are others of common distractions that affect team performance, such as: gossip, internet browsing and excessive social media.

You Frequent breaks for snacks or smoking also compromise the good pace of work, according to Harris Poll.

Often the work environment itself can impair the team productivity: colleagues who don't know how to measure noise, meetings very often and lots of e-mails.

Increase team productivity
Tips to increase your team's productivity

It is essential to be aware of these aspects, establish policies for the use of time for activities of personal interest and discipline some behaviors.

Take care that the measures are not too aggressive and may become unpopular with employees.

Despite seeking to bring benefits to everyone on the team, unpopular measures can have a negative effect, if compared to the behaviors they intend to avoid.

2- Involve your team for better productivity

A great tip is to involve the team itself to solve the problem.
It is important to encourage them to feel that the problem is also for each member.

Once we adopt this approach, there is a greater likelihood of generating greater involvement and commitment in overcoming the difficulties that arise.

3- Bet on the right tools for team productivity


Currently, there are many resources to increase productivity while preserving the quality of work. Some examples are the agile development methodologies, Scrum, Kanban, the Pomodoro technique, in addition to the best practices in IT management and governance.

THE Pomodoro Technique is a method of time management developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique consists of using a stopwatch to divide the work into 25-minute periods, separated by brief intervals.

For each type of technique, there are suitable tool sets. Note that nowadays, we have excellent project management tools, I share some examples:

A good example is the tool Trello: it aims to assist with best project management practices and, therefore, facilitates the application of agile methodologies that involve the use of Kanban.

Another example is the Slack: communication tool that strives for clarity and ease of use; Dropbox, BoxOnedriveGoogle Drive: allow the sharing of files in the cloud and their access from anywhere, with just Internet access;

Other important tools are: Office 365Google DocsZoho.

See that these productivity application packages allow not only the creation, but the collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations, in addition to allowing sharing.

It is always worth remembering that the fundamental ingredient for a productive team is a good team!

Good leadership follows soon!

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